Green chillies are also richer in beta carotenes, antioxidants and endorphins while red chillies are considered as a … Green Chilli Nutritional Value of Green Chilli Health Benefits of Green Chilli Uses of Green Chilli Side-Effects & Allergies of Green Chilli Origin And Cultivation of Green Chilli A small straight, shrub-like branched plant with green and red fruits used as a taste enhancer and seasoning. There’s more capsaicin in red peppers than green peppers, and that means the red varieties of the same pepper will tend to be hotter. Green chillies are definitely more suitable than red chilli powder. When you look at a chili’s Scoville heat range on the pepper scale, the red version will tend to live in the upper portions of that range while the unripened green variety will tend to live at the lower end. I grew some plants from a packet titled "Hot Chilli Shake" one had light green peppers on it about 3 inches long, so I thought I would use one in some onion relish I was making and as I wasputting it in I tried a bit about 2mm square, my lips were burning for 20 minutes after it. There is no difference, with the seeds and veins they are the same, remove them and it is still the same, and the rule is the smaller the pepper the hotter, I am a former chef, and worked in Asia, like the Caribbean and Mexico, Habeneros and Scotch Bonnet peppers are alike, the heat comes from the seeds and veins there to. So guys Kindly Like,Share and Subscribe to our channel Hope you all like it. Green chillies also have water content and no calories which make them a healthy choice for raw consumption as well as cooking.


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