So I think this has something to do with it as it’s livening up the sense of smell, so maybe cats more susceptible to smell get more out of it. Honeysuckle also has a similar effect to catnip on a lot of cats. What Size Carrier Do I Need for 12 Pound Cat? Cat House Inc. is a company based in Calgary, Canada and has been serving the cat-loving community in Calgary and beyond since 1991 with its wide selection of practical and whimsical cat products, including honeysuckle wood. Once you have determined that your cat likes this completely natural treat, then the bigger the better... the more for them to love. Cathy Keisha recently posted…Feral Friday: Finding Furbie, We didn’t know about honeysuckle, we should give it a try ! When I learned about its catnip-like effects on cats a few years ago, I thought it would be perfect to grow next to our catio. For your daily dose of cheeky chirps and cuteness! I keep reading people commenting that this product doesn’t work. Or two, if you’re Charlie! Like most things, Amazon stocks just about everything you could need when it comes to Honeysuckle products for cats. There’s always one cat in every multi-cat household that is immune to the effects of catnip. What to know more about the effects of Tatarian honeysuckle sprays and powders for cats? But then again, it won’t affect all cats. Most likely, it is this substance that puts cats into a delightful, temporarily altered state. Studies like these are important because they inevitably highlight cat environment enrichment as a vital component of cat guardianship, and not just something frivolous or secondary. The Swiss Cats recently posted…Pourquoi vous devriez lire Pet Blogging for Love and Money, Your email address will not be published. By. There is always the small risk of a cat getting sick from something they haven’t tried before. Can Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood Harm My Cat? Whiskers make me smile. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Tartarian honeysuckle contains a chemical that is similar to the active ingredient in catnip. “Another recreational herb for my cats to drool over? Honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.) He watches from the sidelines as his friends roll around doing the familiar and much-loved catnip dance of ecstasy. I know! I usually have to separate these two during catnip ‘happy hour’ so that they can each enjoy their catnip trip in peace. Cats love the bark of this plant. Content and images on this website belong to the site owner and may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Good to know. This bodes well for those wallflower cats in shelters that might benefit greatly from a little honeysuckle ‘aromatherapy’ to bring them out of their shells and thus increasing their chances of being adopted. One of the interesting observations in the conclusion was that the scared or shy cats responded as often and as intensely to the various plant materials as did affectionate or friendly cats. Only one out of 10 cats doesn’t respond to catnip but he loves the honeysuckle wood. He was shaking when approached, spent his days hiding under a cupboard, and it was getting worrying how little he was eating. There are other options, however. After a few days, he noticed the cat was pulling up closer to the toy, and even started loosing up its posture. Honeysuckle berries and possibly flowers and leaves are toxic to cats and should not be given to them. If you’ve seen cats showing a euphoric reaction to, I’ve read different estimates. So, my advice is not to let your cats ingest any. Bring it on!”. Cats roll their heads, lick the wood, rub their cheeks on it and do the typical catnip writhing-like-a-snake dance. If your cat gives catnip the cold shoulder, spoil your cat with some Tartarian honeysuckle which has similar effects to catnip. Another great and informative article! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But a 2017 study headed by microbiologist, Dr. Sebastiaan Bol Ph.D. who lives in San Antonio, Texas delves into a comparison of the responsiveness of domestic cats to catnip and its alternatives such as Tartarian honeysuckle, Valerian Root, and Silver Vine. We keep our honeysuckle sticks in a sealed bucket so the cats see it as a new treat each time. Pruning We then sort, trim and clean the wood to ensure that we set and maintain the highest standards for our customers and their cats.”. If you’ve seen cats showing a euphoric reaction to catnip or heard about the effects of cats and catnip –  only to see your cat completely ignore it – you’re not alone. Our honeysuckle toys are made in the USA and filled with quality honeysuckle. And interestingly seems to affect a lot of cats that don’t seem to even notice catnip being waved in front of their noses. I’ve always had cats in my home and they’ve all loved it so it’s new to me! But fortunately for us cat lovers, they are still in operation selling exclusively online and specializing in their high-quality honeysuckle wood products. Voted best cat toy in the Your Cat Magazine Product Awards. All the information we provide on this site is derived solely from personal observation and experience over many years living with cats. Your email address will not be published. It’s more likely that they are in the small % of cats that don’t react to honeysuckle than the product itself. From clicker training, food puzzle games, providing vertical spaces to ‘perch,’ hidey holes to ‘cave,’ we’re fully invested with all four paws! Most cats will respond to it by hugging it, rubbing their face on it and licking it. Copyright 2020 by Upgrade Your Cat. But it’s believed that between, There are other options, however. That’s good to hear! way your cat can get his kicks. I’ve had honeysuckle toys that I’ve just ignored. But it’s believed that between 40-50% of cats have no reaction to catnip. I use the spray highlighted above, and when I use the dust or wood chips I keep it sealed up inside their toys. It’s actually a safe and natural way to help stressed and anxious cats relax. 5. Owners Joanne and Henry Wegiel pioneered honeysuckle wood as a safe alternative to catnip since 1991. cascading over a wall or trellis, or growing as a shrub in a flower border, makes a beautiful addition to a garden. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. I’ve never heard of this happening with honeysuckle, but something worth mentioning. This is especially true for indoor-only cats. In fact, many cats that don’t respond to catnip are affected by honeysuckle. cascading over a wall or trellis, or growing as a shrub in a flower border, makes a beautiful addition to a garden. A cat’s olfactory system is highly developed and complex and scent is at the forefront of the way in which cats communicate with each other and with us too. For cats who love Christmas trimmings, save a branch from the tree. I’m also glad our cat George loves it. Tatarian honeysuckle sometimes suffers attack by honeysuckle aphid, which disfigures the growing tips, and leaves the shrub looking terrible. Honeysuckle Cat Toys – Cheeky MouseCats and toy mice, it’s a perfect match. How Are Cats Affected By Honeysuckle? In the backyard of their family home, Joanne observed how their cats would use the shrub as a scratching post. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They can be proud, too, that their Tartarian honeysuckle contributed to a recent study carried out on 100 domestic cats to observe their responses to the compounds identified in honeysuckle, silver vine, valerian root, and catnip. Related Content – Interestingly cats have a similar reaction to the smell of chlorine and bleach. Tartarian honeysuckle wood may just be the cat stimulant your cat was missing out on all along. Helping cats live enriched lives with their people. Honeysuckle isn’t just a stimulant for cats for our enjoyment as we watch them roll around enjoying themselves. But these are not as safe or suitable as honeysuckle and other herbs! It certainly has a stronger, sweeter smell. Cats love the bark of this plant. I’ve used it to give my cats favorite toys a honeysuckle scent, attract them to scratch their posts and not my furniture, and basically just spray it where and when I need it. With only roughly 70% of cats responding to catnip, how do we cater to the other approximately 30% of cats feeling shut out of the party? . He felt like nothing was helping the cat settle in. Jun 30, 2020 - Tatarian honeysuckle wood is a new, natural cat toy which provides important scent enrichment. It made perfect sense to bring this wonderful honeysuckle sensory experience to other cats too and they sold tens of thousands of pieces to happy customers over the years. Pinecones offer aroma, plus something fun to bat around the room. Nip is still a firm favorite here! Exposure. That’s okay too. Tartarian honeysuckle is another great way to enhance your cat’s olfactory enrichment experience. ), Why Does My Cat Lay on My Shoes?


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