It is underd advanced setup, then speaker setup in the manual. its wierd i usto be able to crank it and it would work fine, i dont know what happened. 3 Answers. If I unplug the wire in the back of the sub and plug it back in, the red light goes on and I get bass. Mar 27, 2010 #3 dirty pot . When the lights are disabled, there's that nasty audible thump before the bass kicks in. my sub just recently started cutting out when i turn up the volume above about 10 when the subwoofer is set at about 4 on the stock headunit. I added an aftermarket subwoofer and amp to my 06 Cadillac dts. For voices, clipping sound like the singer's voice has become hoarse or scratchy. Bass boats with outboards usually have three or four carry-on deep-cycle batteries for the electronics, live wells, entertainment, trolling motors, etc. along with twin batteries for the outboard(s). If I turn the volume up, sometimes that will get the red light on. I later changed amplifiers, for dependability reasons not more power. Now stop, you are done here. You can then use the sub woofer's volume control to adjust the bass if it is too loud. Jul 10, 2007 12,060 3 0. I thought I was going insane but I tested it 5 or 6 times and both scenarios yielded the same result. Then turn … B. BlahBlahYouToo Lifer. Mar 27, 2010 #4 YOyoYOhowsDAjello said: Turn the speakers off. Bass fades in and out of my after market subwoofer addition,when cracking up the volume, then eventually the sound from my rear speakers go out all together. After that, turn the gain up until you just start hearing the bass without any kind of distortion. it can happen around that anywhere though. Then try again. 000 or doubled 000 cable if the wire run is over 12-15' isn't a bad idea either. If you turn this on, it will provide a bit of extra bass from the front speakers to the sub. There is a setting called 'double bass' that you may want to turn on - let me know if you have problems setting this on. Manuel, Clipping occurs when you turn the volume up so loud the amplified signals distort, possibly damaging the subwoofers. ericlp Diamond Member. (To get dust / dirt out of the volume controller) Reactions: Meghan54, Spartymook and killster1. Then turn the volume knob all the way up and down 20 times in a row really fast. New subwoofer not turning on at low volume? At 13.8 volts, you start drawing real current and you get major voltage drop. At first it sounded great. For bass notes, clipping sounds like a grinding or crunching instead of clean, mellow bass tones. So I will tell you guys that how you can adjust this. Start playing a song and start turning down the subwoofer until the volume fades and you become unable to hear it. I notice that if I play a blu ray or play SONOS or the tuner, the red power light will not be on, and there will be no bass. Dec 24, 2000 6,067 176 106. Jump to Latest Follow ... and two seconds later the subs will fade in, exactly as they should.


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