These lecture notes were formed in small chunks during my \Quantum computing" course at the University of Amsterdam, Feb-May 2011, and compiled into one text thereafter. hcjQjci A Course in Quantum Computing for the Community College Volume 1 Michael Loce Foothill College mailto:Loce c 2015 Michael Loce The goal of this course is to bridge the gap between popular science articles and advanced undergraduate texts, making some of the more technical aspects accessible to motivated … The goal of quantum computing is to find algorithms that are considerably faster than classical algorithms solving the same problem. Quantum computing is a growing field at the intersection of physics and computer science. (PDF) Quantum Computing: Future Computing | Vishal Gotarane - Quantum computing is the new field of science which uses quantum phenomena to perform operations on data. This module introduces three key principles of quantum computing: superposition, quantum measure-ment, and entanglement. Each chapter was covered in a lecture of 2 45 minutes, with an additional 45-minute lecture for exercises and homework.


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