(, The Panasonic Q is a hybrid version of the Nintendo GameCube with the ability to play DVDs, Audio CDs, MP3s and CDs as well as several other new features. (, Similar to the Game Boy but slimmer with a monochrome screen rather than the original pea soup screen. La consola fue lanzada el 3 de marzo de 2017. (, The Pokémon Pikachu is a virtual pet toy and pedometer similar to a Tamagotchi. The newer model, AGS-101 features a backlit screen with adjustable brightness. Hasta el 2 de octubre de 2008, la empresa líder ha vendido 470 000 000 unidades de hardware. Nintendo Switch (NS) y Nintendo Switch Lite. Backwards compatibility with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color continued with the SP. The first releases of the Game Boy Pocket did not come with the red LED, as shown in the photo. The backwards compatibility for Game Boy Advance games disappeared in this version of the, This was the third and last redesign of the Nintendo DS line. 1980. Similliar to the Game Boy Pocket except it featured a backlit screen for playing in the dark. It also featured a music app where you could record your voice and then play around with it. The Game Boy Advance SP featured much better graphics and a front-lit screen which could be turned on or off (the model AGS-001). Se trata de una consola híbrida entre consola de sobremesa y consola portátil. Unlike the original Pokémon Pikachu, the player doesn't have to take care of Pikachu. (, The Nintendo Entertainment System, an 8-bit system, was one of Nintendo's greatest successes. It was the first Nintendo handheld to feature multimedia. Unlike the Color TV Games, the NES could play different titles, on interchangeable cartridges, that could be purchased in stores. Backwards compatibility for Game Boy Advance games continued with the DS Lite. The system featured a pair of goggles to look into which sent a slightly different image to each eye, creating the 3D effect. Esta página se editó por última vez el 20 oct 2020 a las 20:02. This console is built for handheld play only. (, The first Nintendo console with 3D graphics, the concept was to create a virtual reality experience. Gameboy The first ever portable game released by Nintendo… The system had a red LED which showed the remaining power. It features a portable console with a screen that can be docked to display on larger displays. … (, The Game Boy Advance was a major improvement over the Game Boy Color with a new handheld shape, shoulder buttons and better graphics. This system was technically compared to the NES, except that the Game Boy Color has a larger color palette. The company was founded on 23rd September 1889 in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Lastly it featured the shop app where you could download games etc. Nintendo Entertainment System A simple video game console used to play games. The Nintendo Timeline is a chronological illustration of all major gaming devices released by the company, whether they quietly marked a meaningful stage in … (, The second redesign of the Nintendo DS line. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1980. This is clearly evident in the, The Pokemon Mini is a Nintendo handheld themed around Pokémon. You could also listen to actual music. (2001), The Game Boy Advance SP was the first Game Boy to have a clamshell design much like the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo GameCube game, Pokémon Channel, features a Pokémon Mini emulator and six games. The system reportedly caused headaches and nausea, leading to low sales. It could last for over 30 hours on its required 4 AA batteries. (, The Nintendo DS featured two screens, the bottom one being a touch screen. It also had many technical enhancements, including a more powerful processor and an infrared wireless link-up port. Color TV-Game 6 June 1 1977 - Approx. (, Similar to the Game Boy, but with color graphics. (. It was only released in Japan. It featured a 0.3 megapixel camera that you could have fun with by editing pictures etc. (2014), The New Nintendo 2DS XL is a technologically-improved remodel of the, The Nintendo Switch Lite is a version of the Nintendo Switch that cannot dock into a TV and cannot have joy-cons removed. Esta es una lista cronológica de todas las series con sus consolas que han sido creadas por Nintendo. (, The Nintendo 64 featured greatly improved 3D graphics and a new controller that introduced the modern joystick.


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