To help your thyme survive a rough winter, add a thick layer of mulch to the plants to prevent them from freezing. | Plug Trays | Many gardeners enjoy growing thyme near footpaths and walkways as a subtle decoration because thyme tends to be hardy enough to handle foot traffic. Plant Descriptions | This hardy plant stays evergreen throughout the year and is both drought and pest tolerant. are available. Let the soil dry out between watering. Though it’s possible to plant thyme directly from seed, the process isn’t worth it for most gardeners. And, it’s even a savory addition to a multitude of dishes made with eggs, meat and almost any vegetable. if more lemon waiting in the garden. Don’t be afraid to start harvesting your thyme, as in most cases the more you harvest the faster the plant grows. Pruning off dead and dying stems in the spring and fall will help keep each plant healthy for the coming season. A simple infusion of compost in the spring and fall should be plenty. tastes like lemon. plants chosen to be in our Gourmet Herb Once thyme is established, it only needs to be watered when the soil below is completely dry. They are a great low cost way to fill a lot of Not only is thyme beautiful to look at and delicious to taste, it also plays nice with other garden plants. Pack. In Stock | Lemon Thyme looks like This plant is often available in plug trays. It forms attractive, tiny lavender flowers which attract bees, and is known to deter cabbage worms. Characteristics: Full Sun, This plant is often It’s best to fertilize your soil with plenty of organic compost in the early spring to ensure there are plenty of nutrients available for it to feed on. List | Low light will make your plant grow leggy stems that won’t look or taste right. Simply snip off branches sparingly until the plant is robust enough to handle more involved harvesting. Lemon Thyme is one of the six Zone Information There is a wide variety of thyme to choose from for growing in your garden. When you’re growing an herb garden indoors thyme will need as much bright, direct light as you can give it. Caraway Thyme: Growing up to five inches tall and full of pretty pink flowers. space. Buying organic thyme seeds is important not only for the health of you and your family with the guarantee that the seeds are NOT … Taking on a whole world organics approach to all areas of life. It also makes a great addition to our Small Space Herb Garden Six Pack. similarity stops. Out in your garden, you can plant thyme next to strawberries, eggplant, broccoli and cabbage for the benefit of all species. Join our of all the same plant. Books | It also makes a great addition to our Small Space Herb Garden Six | Ordering Information | Yet thyme also provides every gardener with a tasty harvest all season long. It requires plenty of water throughout the first season in order to help it get established enough to thrive. The worst insects that gardeners have problems with for their thyme are aphids and spider mites, but both can be kept away through a healthy ladybug population or the occasional use of an organic insecticide. Lemon Thyme is one of the six plants chosen to be in our Gourmet Herb Garden Six Pack. A short, compact, aromatic herb, Thyme is a classic in any garden. Quick Within six weeks, roots should start to form, at which point you can transfer the cutting into a small pot until it reaches transplanting size. Common varieties include ‘, Lemon Thyme: Reaching over a foot tall, this shrub-like thyme is great for cooking and full of flavor. You can find a variety of thyme to match just about any flavor profile.


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