Why can't you keep a product that you know we use EVERY year??? Barnum's Animal Crackers - Snack-Sak - 8oz. Sell it, and watch the profits come rolling in! Position the racks in the upper and lower thirds of the oven and preheat the oven to 350F. Fig Newton Single Serve Cookies, (Pack of 12). NABISCO. Nabisco 100 Cal Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookie Crisps ... Nilla Wafers Mini Vanilla Wafer Cookies, 11 oz Box, OREO Golden Double Stuf Sandwich Cookies, 15.25 oz, OREO Mega Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 13.2 oz. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. But with some whipped cream, refrigeration and cut on bias (I add some cocoa to the whipped cream) voile! 174. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. NABISCO. ... Nabisco Oreo Double Stuf Heads Or Tails Sandwich Coo ... Nilla Wafers Reduced Fat Vanilla Wafer Cookies, 11 o ... CHIPS AHOY! The cookies will puff up and deflate; they are done about 1 1/2 minutes after they deflate. These crispy cookies have been around for nearly a century, a baking staple that's enjoyed by all ages. Nabisco Chips Ahoy!/Nutter Butter/Oreo Cookies Varie ... Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, 12 Pac ... Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Wafer Cookies, 10.5 oz. Shop Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers Chocolate Cookies. Best Prices, Freshest Products Cocoa Dark, Cocoa Light, White QUANTITY DISCOUNT PRICING I too am looking for Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer Cookies. It's been this way every year for several years now and I have run out of cookies that I was hoarding in my freezer. 48. Probably not siutable to most tastes today. However, I cut my thinner than suggested and yielded more. Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? Not producing the chocolate wafer product has to be the weirdest business decision I've ever seen. Kroger says they were left 2 cases of the cookies and told that was it.....now they are sold out. Our whole family is an uproar over the discontinuing of these wafers. Comment the review as Nabisco verified representative. Nutter Butter Bites Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, ... SnackWell's Cookies, Vanilla Crème, 1.7 oz Pack, 48/ ... Nabisco Golden Mini Oreo Bite Size Sandwich Cookies, ... Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookies 1.9 oz. Transfer the dough to a large bowl or a cutting board and knead a few times to make sure it is evenly blended. Don't understand why Nabisco makes this product so hard to find. Osem Wafers, Chocolate Flavor. 8.8 oz. Update. Please take a minute to review our Privacy Policy. Sorry, this webpage requires JavaScript to function correctly. If you’re trying to emulate the store-bought wafers, slice as thin as you can, and watch the baking time carefully, as it might be less.) Thank You for Your Reply! We’re having technical issues, but we’ll be back in a flash. Nabisco Fat-Free SnackWell's Devils Food Cookies, 6. This won’t help you who need the whole cookies for your cake, but if you need these for cheesecake crusts as I do, Whole Foods carries a cookie called Jovial Organic Einhorn cookies. I use the Famous Chocolate Wafers in a dessert every Christmas as my Mother did before me.....why can't you keep the wafers in the stores. Mollie Stone's Markets. Walmart+ helps you save more time & money this holiday. 4.8 out of 5 stars with 174 reviews. College Food Cart. Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack, OREO Mini, Nutter Butte ... Newtons Soft & Fruit Chewy Fig Cookies, 12 Snack Pac ... OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 12 - 1 oz Snac ... Nabisco Savory Cracker Variety Pack, RITZ, Cheese Ni ... OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Original Flavor, 1 ... OREO Double Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 15.35 o ... OREO Peanut Butter Creme Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, ... Nutter Butter Family Size Peanut Butter Sandwich Coo ... Nilla Wafers Vanilla Wafer Cookies, 11 oz. Makes 50 to 60 1 3/4-inch wafers. You can make your own Famous Chocolate Wafers http://www.smells-like-home.com/2012/12/homemade-chocolate-wafer-cookies/, I just bought a box at my local stop and shop and I opened the package and took a bite and the taste and the smell was horrible It was a strong chemical like smell I had to drink 2 bottles of water and my throat felt funny I have been eating those cookies since I was a kid but I don't know what happened with that package I took them back Unfortunately I didn't take the number off of the package because I should have called them and reported that they were really that bad I won't be buying them for awhile if ever again, we love the cookies, why are they not available. Same dry texture and because I am putting thru a food processor they are good substitute. Cool the cookies on the baking sheets on racks, or slide the parchment onto racks to cool completely. Review #971314 is a subjective opinion of NABISCO. These wafers are the only product that is suitable for my dessert and probably others as well. I've had the same problems every year -- once I bought a case and stored them in the freezer. We are processing your message. I believe they weren’t available due to a product recall by the company, but are back on shelves again. Cut the log of dough into slices a scant 1/4-inch thick (I went thinner, closer to 1/8 of inch. If you want your response Harris Teeter - Village at Chestnut Street Harris Teeter Not your store? You will be automatically registered on our site. I've been looking for these cookies since before Thanksgiving.


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