View our disclosure policy for details. The most incredible Artichoke Pizza made with a super cheesy and delicious white base and topped with marinated artichokes and prosciutto cotto (Italian ham). I actually buy pre-made focaccia dough, I find it a little thicker and tastier. Mar 19, 2016 - Head to the Mediterranean tonight (well, at least transport your taste buds there!) Artichoke Pizza . It's made with a ready-to-use thin crust, so putting it together is a breeze. Home » Olive & Artichoke Pizza. The white pizza is topped with garlic, olive oil, a heap of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, marinated artichoke hearts and spinach. Or you can also make your own Best Pizza Dough when you have time. Original recipe yields 6 Servings. This week has been quite the whirlwind of travel for me so pizza came to mind as an obvious choice for when you want some good food, but have no time available to prepare it. with this Marinated Artichoke Pizza. If you're a fan of artichoke dip, you're sure to like this easy pizza recipe! August 29, 2019 By Mary Beth. Disclosure: Boots & Hooves Homestead may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page. Select All. Ha! I know a lot of people make Pizza on Friday night or the weekend, but you can bake this Italian Sausage Artichoke Cheese Pizza so quickly with store-bought or bakery bought pizza dough, you will want to make during the week too.. 0 Review(s) 30 Min . Olive & Artichoke Pizza. What do I need ? serving count. Prep : 15 Min Cook: 15 Min . 6 Servings. Hard to believe since it’s meatless! This Artichoke, tomato, and Spinach Pizza was the favorite of the two I recently made. Ok, I am not exaggerating when I say that this artichoke pizza is insanely delicious! Take your next pizza night to the next level! Even Carly really liked it! It's one of the most kid-friendly artichoke recipes ever created!


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