bangla , English & general science. Generally, it has two buttons called the left and the right button and a wheel is present between the buttons. I really like it you have How to programmatically retrieve the name of default audio input device on Windows XP? and nice to meet you. Thank you . or Input device can read data and convert them to a form that a computer can use. Thanks………It is very well nd very important, i really loved this page it has helped me in my exams. yeah or the definiton or a link to a page about each, yea this wiull allow us to know the uses os some devices notted in the list. Most modern desktops and laptops use a window-based operating system designed to be used with a keyboard and a mouse, such as Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. Apr 8, 1868. Keyboards are of two sizes 84 keys or 101/102 keys, but now keyboards with 104 keys or 108 keys are also available for Windows and Internet. Tnx 4dis site cose is very important 2 computer science STD. We S.3 members would like to thank this site because we have got resources for our studies, Thank you. Thank You…, Hi does telephone,drone & motion sensingdevice input or output, Thank so much but should give us the function of each device ..,, a request, Thanks a lot however which device include of pendrive, Tq sir its really very very important topic so more information send me, You guys really help me to do my assignment easily. Thanks. Is a sensor a output device. Input Devices: a) Graphics Tablets. thanx, above all are very helpful informations……, what is the difference between laptop and palmtop and the pc as well, thanx..i got lots of information for my assignment…, This isa awesom site for computer science projects I really like this so much, Thanks……….. i got lots of information 4 my assignment. f) Digital camera. The joystick can be moved in all four directions. thanks yew so much.its really help my test…input unit and output unit. Thank you for your contribution for our study, wish you long life and prosprity, Thanks so much…. I think it can be used as both input and output. I would like to thank you for the site.I want to connected to this site for getting help.. d) Trackballs. but the information is so brief there can be more explanation as well. I would like to thank this site.But i have a small suggestion that you should include a brief description about the devices mentioned here. They can include input devices such as keyboards, touchscreens and mice that let people enter information directly. Following are some of the important input devices which are used in a computer −. I’m very excited to see all the input and output devices. From this site we can learn only Thanks for this educative information, it’s helped me a lot.Feeling glad on being here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Without an input device, you won't be able to interact with a computer. It helped me a lot. waoooooh I now have a clear picture of what is Input and Output device. Thanks for giving me such information about input, output . Sir ,thanks a lot fr listing these info abt input and output device. First, nice job. God bless you for using the knowledge that God gave you to help others. In this website I found all the input and output devices. Thanks for the different between input and output listed. ( Log Out /  You’re right Anisha, it also really helps me in answering my assignment. Good work. bt there should be little description also becoz there r some devices which I don’t know !! surya.c.p Wahoo. Thanks for helping me to finish my assignment, lot of thanks for the information realy i grew, i would lyk to thank the site so much but requesting that you shuld include a little description of the devices mentioned. The bank's code number and cheque number are printed on the cheques with a special type of ink that contains particles of magnetic material that are machine readable. It consists of a photocell and an optical system placed in a small tube. e) Barcode reader. 0. History of Computer Input Devices Timeline created by braylonn m. In Science and Technology. Someone text me and told me to give her 10 input & output device each. Most of us are familiar with the keyboard and mouse as input devices, but you may be surprised at the wide variety of other devices that are currently available for inputting data into a computer. A graphic tablet as digitizer is used for fine works of drawing and image manipulation applications. i hv got a lots of information from.this site, i am realy glad to acheived this site, Scanner is an input device, which works more like a photocopy machine. My name is Om Prakash Chowdhury


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