I was a high school senior and my first shift was a maintenance shift. Redesigning lines, introducing new lines, and keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on via trade shows, social media and more is imperative. I’ve gotten to go to Houston to help train Partners and it was really cool to see how things are done in another city. For example, we will sometimes blow up the giant inflatable water slides that we sometimes get in our summer merchandise and put them out where customers can see them. H-E-B invests a lot in training and developing leaders. Why? As a leader in Loss Prevention, another challenge I face is scheduling. Photography is my hobby, along with boxing. During my time at H-E-B, I’ve opened up two stores in Laredo as an order writer and night stocker. It wasn’t a bad job, but I knew that I eventually wanted to work at a place where I could grow my career, and there was a brand new H-E-B store opening up down the street from my home. There’s something about putting on some good music and splattering paint to help you unwind. From the cashiers to the Vice Presidents, H-E-B treats its Partners very well, which results in a pride and passion for the work we do. When I started my career at H-E-B, I was the Executive Administrator to the Chief Marketing Officer. Even today we text each other on Sundays to kid about how our favorite football teams are doing. San Antonio has everything that a big city might offer –great dining, entertainment, and culture –with a friendly small-town feel. H-E-B is always innovating through new technology and apps built from the ground up! H-E-B has passion. Thus a brand promise should be in the form of that statement which should be both clear and distilled enough. One of the things we want to get across is the culture of H-E-B. Here, we are relentlessly dissatisfied with the present. It is a company with a heart for people, and they show it through things like volunteering with local non-profits, providing disaster relief, and hanging PRIDE posters. H-E-B is a huge part of the San Antonio community. There’s no place like it! There is so much support and encouragement, as well as synergy between departments to work together to put a product out there that we believe is great. E-Commerce is an area that is rapidly growing and changing, so having that basic knowledge to fall back on is key and helps give me context to operate from. I’ve gotten to experience interesting and cool opportunities including meeting Charles Butt, and filming a transportation video for recruiting. I grew up in San Antonio, so H-E-B has always felt more like “home” than a grocery store. It really is a wonderful and culturally diverse place to live—and H-E-B is at the heart of it. This is a driver recognition program where we celebrate milestones and accomplishments. H-E-B, one of the nation’s leading independent food retailers and the largest private employer in Texas, today announced that Favor Delivery, the innovative on-demand delivery service headquartered in Austin, will become a wholly owned subsidiary. Everyone is willing to help each other out. As an Own Brand Manager, I develop and create a brand portfolio of all H-E-B products. Here, we don’t need an audience to act with integrity. Some of our new stores have parking garage structures, and we have created a set of standards that allows customers to feel comfortable navigating and parking in a garage system not normally found in a grocery store setting. My team is responsible for those. You must be able to stock any aisle no matter what night it is, so you are constantly learning product placement. When I started at H-E-B, I was an Administrative Assistant in the Advertising Department. I grew up seeing the culture firsthand and how good the company is to its employees. H-E-B allows me to take smart risks and to turn ideas into action while being cutting edge in the industry. I knew all the people and products in my neighborhood store, and now being able to help develop those products is like coming full circle. Admins at H-E-B touch the lives of so many people each and every day. I started with H-E-B as a bagger in Waco. What surprised me the most when I took this position was that there were not many customer complaints. In addition to our “green bag” program, we provide in-store recycling for plastic bags, newspaper sleeves, outer wrap, 6-pack rings, and dry cleaning bags. It was there that I developed a passion for wine and worked in the wine industry for six years, doing everything from PR to brand management. My job requires a great deal of problem-solving and collaboration with numerous other teams, including Design, Construction, Operations, Real Estate Research, Planning and Analysis, and Public Affairs. More than any other company, H-E-B is loyal to its Partners. I also get a lot of product samples! We don’t just put products on the shelves – we do the ordering, the reports… but most of all we must have knowledge of the products we sell. The biggest difference in working at H-E-B versus a restaurant is that in most restaurants you are just an employee, but at H-E-B people really matter. It’s challenging but it makes my job rewarding. My typical day starts at 5 a.m., when I come in and deep clean the bathrooms, take out the trash, clean cases and other things that add to the H-E-B customer experience. H-E-B is a company with personality and it’s really a cultural phenomenon. We’re a manufacturer, a transportation company, an employer, a multichannel delivery company, and much more. My original plan was to work for H-E-B, pay for school, and go into law enforcement. The product and displays might get the customer in the store, but it’s the customer service and interaction that keeps them there. During my time at H-E-B, I have been on our float in the Fiesta Parade and I am part of the H-E-B running team. Bold promise, each and every person counts. I plan to continue to build my career here at H-E-B. When you work at H-E-B, you are part of one big, happy family. When I think about it, people who love A&M really love A&M, and people who love H-E-B really love H-E-B. The best part of my job is managing charitable giving, but it is also the most challenging. San Antonio is a great place to live. We want to be able to service our patients and customers with whatever prescription they have and at whatever disease state they are in. I am an opener so I typically come in around 7amn setup the casen and place product. It’s a very supportive, positive environment and a great place to work. From there, I went into a Cashier position and moved from Waco to Austin to attend UT. From there, I worked as a Financial Analyst and Project Manager for the President of the San Antonio Food and Drug Division, then moved to the Advertising department as an Account Manager, before finally returning to Grocery Procurement where I am today. From sponsorships of sports teams to helping local charities and non profit organizations, the name H-E-B comes up in conversations a lot—and for so much more than just shopping needs. My first big project was the Valued Partner Perks (VPP) program. When they asked if I wanted a Corporate or Store Internship, I didn’t want to disqualify either, so in a way it was chosen for me. When people hear that I drive trucks for H-E-B, they assume my job is easy because they think all I do is drive. The internship program at H-E-B is unique in that it exposes you to all different areas of the business. Leading this effort gave me the opportunity to growing in my understanding of how to drive sales and it gave me a leadership opportunity on my team. It was on social media and everything! That culture of customer service is so strong that it has made H-E-B more than just a grocery or pharmacy—it is part of the community. Walking along the Riverwalk and playing tourist is one of my favorite things to do. My dad retired from a major retailer and my brother is the Director of Sales for a national footwear brand.


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