Hey there! The M300 stereo pair are a matched set of compact condenser microphone that provide studio quality audio. -3dB points are at […] 2nd Gefell M300 1 year later.. matched pair? Gearslutz is part-supported by our visitors. The Gefell M300 is an exciting new microphone that combines the natural sound and detail of a gold evaporated 16mm diaphragm with 'space-age advancements in mechanical and circuit design. Microtech Gefell M300 Microphone Stereo Matched Set Cardioid Pencil Condenser Microphone The M300 is Gefell’s small-diaphragm FET condenser, aka “pencil condenser.” It provides a fixed cardioid pattern and compact size for ease of placement. The frequency response of the transmission factor is practically linear for a wide range of sound incidence and has a smooth treble boost rising to about 3 dB between 6 and 10 kHz. A boxed set that includes a stereo matched pair of M300 pencil microphones, two heavy duty Nylon insulated mic clips, and a combination ORTF and XY stereo bar. Frequency response is flat from 100Hz to 2kHz, then exhibits a gentle rise to +3dB around 10kHz. We have set up a separate MEMBERS ONLY forum area to discuss everything related to the Coronavirus / COVID-19. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I have a pair of Gefell M310 microphones that are used primarily for boom work on film and TV recording projects. The Gefell M300 pencil offers a 21mm gold-evaporated Mylar diaphragmassembly with a temperature-constant ceramic housing. The M300 microphone simply delivers a sweet, sweet capture of most audio sources. Microtech Gefell M300 Stereo Pair. I began using them for music recording as well and wanted a cardioid sister set to go with the M310 and thus acquired a set of M300. C-Tec announced its Gefell M300 stereo microphone package: a boxedset that includes a stereo matched pair of M300 pencil microphones, twoheavy-duty nylon-insulated mic clips, and a combination ORTF and XYstereo bar. Learn more.


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