The real magic happens when you can use blues scale over more chord progressions.. The E-flat in the C blues scale makes it sound minor, but the scale is customarily played on top of major chords. Learn How To Play The F Blues Scale On The Piano! F Blues Scale for Piano with Fingering Chia sẻ F Blues Scale for Piano with Fingering tại Lời bài hát | Hợp âm chuẩn It shows you all positions of the scale. Scale #3 — “The Major Pentatonic Blues Scale” The major pentatonic Blues scale is one of my favorite scales and I’m very certain that you’d love it as well. Since the key of F# appears on the Circle of fifths diagram as both a major and minor key, the Lesson steps explain both ways of constructing this blues scale for this key:. This formula would … The blues scale and music theory. In western music theory terms, the blues scale is practically inexplicable. The right hand starts with the thumb on the F. Blues scale fingerings for piano Leave a comment The blues scale is a staple of jazz musicians the world over, but I realised while teaching a student of mine the other day that I have never worked out a thorough system of fingerings for the blues scale in all the keys. C Mixolydian scale: F Mixolydian scale: G Mixolydian scale: …and they are compatible with the 1-chord, 4-chord, and 5-chord respectively. The blue note in blues scale. The notes of the scale are F, A flat, B flat, B, C, E flat, and F. Now that we know the notes, let's take a look at the fingering for the scale. The 1st construction, using the major scale, starts at Lesson 3.. Download our free PDF versions of each scale with fingering. All of the root notes are "F" because this is the F Pentatonic Blues Scale. Learn the blues scale for piano. The red dots indicate a root note, the blue dots indicate a blues note and the black dots indicate a note in the scale. F-sharp blues scale. The Solution below shows the F# blues scale, on the piano, treble clef and bass clef.. The F Pentatonic Blues Scale can be divided into patterns. Yes, you’ll hear a lot of blues musicians just playing the basic 3 chords but if you really want to learn how to play blues piano I suggest you go much further. The Eb blues scale is exceptionally easy to play on piano — just play the black keys and add the note A. Now we are going to work on the F Blues scale. Ultimately, this can be used as a shortcut. So if you are playing over a dominant chord, you know that using the first 4 notes of the blues scale built a 5th higher (F Minor Blues Scale over Bb7 for example) would give you the 5, b7, root and b9. Of course, just playing over the 3 basic blues chords is just scratching the surface. If you are at a jazz jam night and someone calls the "blues in F", this is the chord sequence or chord progression that will be played for the 12 bars. What About More Advanced Blues Piano? The blues scale (or Pentablues) is the pentatonic scale plus one note.This note became known as the “blue note“, and is the flat fifth in the case of the minor pentatonic, or the flat third in the case of the major pentatonic.


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