I’m offering all the support one heart can – because I care about you. Filter ( 71) ... Don't move, I'm on my way with "Singing in the rain", two spoons and a carton of chocolate ice cream. Sometimes, when people say “I’m here for you,” they mean “I’m here for a while, for an hour or an evening. For some things, there just are no perfect words. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. The part that would move your body in front of theirs to take a bullet without a blink or second thought. They probably won’t go away but maybe they’ll get smaller and a little easier to deal with, and that’s still something. You know those situations when you’re with lots of people, and you’re all trying to decide what to do this evening, and everyone has different ideas. “Summer is here and a bit more fun would be welcome on the streets of Kerry towns. «There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.» Linda Grayson. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. Four words and a thousand different interpretations. You don’t have to do it alone. The words come out but they don’t resonate, emptied of their meaning, just tiny bare word packages floating across a synapse. I’m here for you when you’re giving up, when you’re exhausted. Love love love this. In good times or bad, or (like now) super bad. within. When you open your mouth to speak and no sound comes out because language can’t articulate the white noise in your head, can’t wrap descriptors around its frequency, I hear you. Reblogged this on snapshotdaze and commented: Whatever you need, I’m here for you. I mean it differently. Sometimes the people who say it might as well be commenting on the weather, the brunch they just came home from. Beautiful (and just what probably a lot of people will say), and very relevant to me right now. Absolutely beautiful. I may not give you any advice at all — sometimes there just isn’t any, just try what sucks the least and hope for the best — but I’m listening. But I can't really guess at what sort of thing you're trying to replace it by. So you … I’m here for you, put it on my shoulders. «There's nothing wrong with you. There’s a part of friendship — real friendship — that’s fierce love. Four words and a thousand different interpretations. Hope you know your friends are thinking about you and care for you especially me. I’m offering, but I hope you don’t actually take me up on it.”. Let me explain. Yes. Chocolate ice cream? And we’re not trained to feel this way. I hope that knowing how much I care and how much I value you will lighten your burden at least a little. Not in the therapist sense, not in the let’s-talk-about-our-crap-boyfriends-over-martinis sense, but the real sense: I love you enough to make room for your pain in my heart and handle it like my own. I’m here for you when your heart is squeezed dry, dehydrated and dark like shriveled weeds. What to say: I'm not going to leave you or abandon you. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. For some things, there just are no perfect words. There’s a part of friendship that’s more than camaraderie and good feelings, more than having someone to hang out with all the time and bullshit with on lazy Saturday mornings. Hurt translates pretty well. Pour your tears into me, wet my shirt sleeves and dry your eyes with my hair. I care about you too much to make you feel that way alone. One, two, three, four, kick your troubles out the door! arrived “I'm always here if you need help. This is beautiful. I am floored. ... on-the-spot. Reblogged this on A Day In The Life and commented: Call me whenever you want some help. Sometimes it means something, sometimes it doesn’t. – What can I say, except I’m thinking of you and I wish you didn’t have to go through all this. That doesn't mean anything in my mind, I'm afraid. And that’s why I want to tell you I’m here for you — because I am. on board. We’re supposed to be so evolved, so independent and self-serving, that sometimes we forget what it’s like — and that it’s okay — to need someone to love us, take care of us, take on our emotional weight. Is that weird? I’ll listen to your words or your silence, whichever you give me. The part marked by understanding, protection, sacrifice. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. in attendance. I’m here for you because I am that person, and because you are that person for me. on hand. present. Tissues? See? Genuine friendship is a rare thing and that’s why I want to tell you I’m here for you. Yes, yes, yes. at hand. You could say something like: “I’m in the mood for bowling.” You’re explaining what you want to do but without too much pressure. Tea? Sometimes it’s good to know that someone cares. There are people all over the place, we’re always stuck in this incredible anthill, but when we find the one person we can actually trust and let our guard down with we cleave to them like dust to sweat. Thank you, thank you. What NOT to say: I think your depression is a way of punishing us. You’ve been through a lot lately. Beautiful. […] Thought Catalog » Life Add a comment […]. One of the best pieces I’ve ever read on thought catalog. I know what it’s like to feel silenced, shut down, wounded. Hope that helps.” Other times, “I’m here for you” means “I’m here for you but I’d rather not be, it’s just what you’re supposed to say in these situations so I don’t know. I know you’ll make it through. Alert and ready to dive in. When you need to take each day one at a time, I’m here for you. You’re a generally good person and I enjoy your company and I know you have to vent right now, so I’ll listen; I’ll even bring the beers if … “And that’s why I want to tell you I’m here for you — because I am. Mila you are my favourite writer on here. Not in the therapist sense, not in the let’s-talk-about-our-crap-boyfriends-over-martinis sense, but the real sense: I love you enough to make room for your pain in my heart and handle it like my own. Whenever you find yourself alone, just think of me because even when your shadow leaves, I won't. You floored me and I have absolutely no advice, nowhere to go from here.


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