Link to post Share on other sites. Typical Circuit Breaker Nameplate IEC 60947 is the circuit breaker standard and covers the marking of breakers in detail. Get the code. as deemed max fault at supply point by DNOs. BREAKING CAPACITY: Also known as interrupting rating or short circuit rating, this is the maximum approved ... and the National Electrical Code range which normally recognizes fuses of 9/16”× 2” … About 50 percent of the customers depend on walkers or electric wheel chairs. Repeating this process should enable the children to work out the code. 0. Create an account or sign in to comment. The table is a grid showing the numbers from 1 to 100, although some of the numbers have been replaced by letters. A public dining room has a posted maximum occupancy of 216. The illustration shows a standard nameplate from a … Share this post. Name Plate and Breaker Markings. Calculate the "Occupancy" count for the specific Occupancy Use. Hence short circuit breaking capacity or short circuit breaking current of circuit breaker is defined as maximum current can flow through the breaker from time of occurring short circuit to the time of clearing the short circuit without any permanent damage in the CB. Current-carrying capacity: tables (Extract from VDE 0298 T4 06/13 tables: 11, 17, 18, 21, 26 and 27) Current-carrying capacity, cables with a nominal voltage up to 1000 V and heat resistant cables VDE 0298 T4 08/03 table 11, column 2 and 5 The … A 100 Amp BS1361 TYPE 2 Fuse rated with 33 KA breaking capacity fitted in service cut-out is deemed to provide back up protection for 16 KA max fault. The children should look at the first number in the code, find where it should be in the grid, and write down the letter that is in its space. 9C Breaking Capacity of Overcurrent Protective Devices 67 9D Position of Overcurrent Protective Devices 67 9E Other Requirements of Overcurrent Protective Devices 68 10. Is the breaking capacity reduced due to higher rated operational voltage (as for example >400 V)? Any manufacturer following this standard should comply with the markings. anon947614 April 26, 2014 .


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