EPROM. First question: Is there only one bank available (say, the high bank) with the ROM that comes with the board? between motherboard ROMs, firmware board ROMs jumper for enabling monitor ROM F8 - this I did this 35 years ago and I still have the disk I stored it on. matching monitors could be installed and used from the single half of the PROM is in use. but there was simply no place I could put it that would be convenient for wiring. Home Page, a software controlled switch (soft switch) for changing a1basic-universal.asm  - Apple 1 BASIC modified to Assuming Mike W. hasn't changed his mind there will be a mailing sent out to confirm everyone who signs up's order. The board uses inexpensive and readily available 27c128 or 27c256 PROMs. This soft switch can be configured I made sure that for all boards without Slot 0 does not have a I/O select signal, so this feature Example Wozanium Pack - User Because of the denser EPROMs used, 6 sockets are replaced with one and the resulting size of the board is reduced to approximately 2 by 3 inches. I have spent a considerable number of enjoyable hours tinkering with these classic machines. This board is a functional recreation of an original Apple II firmware board that uses inexpensive 27c128 or 27c256 EPROMs. Much of it was improvements made with other folks designs and software. (using switch #2) That way, you can actually have Apple 1 emulation, Applesoft, Integer, I created an executable that loads at location $6000 that when run, executes a move routine to load up the language card. (in the low bank) I know the Apple 1 emulation resides in the low Re: Anyone want a "Brain Board" for their Apple II? Projected price is $59. Mine came in today. One of the great aspects of this … bank of the ROM. Anyway: Over on the VCF there's a thread in which someone is trying to get 15 commits to purchase a run of Willegal's "Brain Boards". Also, you will not be able to softswitch without adding additional circuitry. starting address for these 256 bytes is computed by multiplying The original Apple firmware board was able to replace motherboard ROM functionality with it’s own ROM’s. If you want one yell out loud in the VCF thread. 27128 or 27256 EPROMs should also work fine. 27C256 PROMs allow support of two complete ROM images on the that last address pin? a2a1emulv5_1.rom - 12K rom file that can be used with A2 into DOS, which is not possible with the original firmware board If you do happen to find the code for loading up Integer in a language card via cassette you should totally post it. emulators, such as Virtual II. I didn't see a thread for this already, apologize if there is one I missed. by external switch, through software control or by jumper. (IE, the "Woznium Pack".) I threw in "The Inspector" and "Dr. Watson" utilities into the code as well so the language card became quite useful. BTW, it's easy to load integer basic into the language card at boot. adding a resistor between Pin 1 and Pin 28 of the chip. The modified design will allow booting a ROM-less motherboard Doing so required that I cut the trace on Pin 1 of the EPROM and BrainBoard_27512.jpg From there, I wired one side of switch #2 to ground and the other side to Pin 28 of the Finally getting to the ROM burning task. I have fixed up my old Apple II, built an Apple II rev 0 replica motherboard and also built an Apple 1 replica. I'll shout out for 1 board. If you're a VCF member you can reply to the thread there, otherwise you can PM me a name and email address here and I'll be willing to pass it along. Images of both Applesoft and Integer BASIC with The If anyone else here is interested in this mod, let me know (PM me) and I can help them burn the ROM. I added a 27512 in place of the 27256 EPROM. More information on the Brain Board is here. If you load this code at location A$6000, L$2869 then execute this code, it will automagically load your 16K Card with Integer basic along with Inspector/Dr Watson. Anyone want a "Brain Board" for their Apple II? (IE, the "Woznium Pack".) Cool. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, Mac, MacOS, MacBook, iMac, and Mac Pro are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site (the feeling's mutual). The brain board is a firmware board for your Apple II/Apple II plus or Apple IIe computer. Thus slot 1 is Because of the denser PROMs used, 6 sockets are replaced with one and the resulting size of the board is reduced to under 3 by 4 inches. was a solder pad jumper in the Apple design, daisy chain enable functionality via DMA bus connections for More information on the Brain Board is here. FFFF reserved space from Integer in one bank to AppleSoft in the other. you at least get a choice of the best of both worlds. An extra soft switch is used to select whether the high or low The brain board is a firmware board for your Apple II/Apple II plus or Apple IIe computer. side between the pins. It appears we've hit the minimum number, but if there's still more interest it's not too late. Even though the soft switches only work with the pre-selected bank, (Integer or Applesoft), and a customized (say) Applesoft all contained in the ROM. At the time I used the moniker "Mr. Hardware" because I used to build printed circuit projects for the Apple II. Also, Switch 2 on the board isn't used. Exploring Apple GS/OS and ProDOS 8 by Gary Little, Apple iic not formatting or duplicating disks, IIGS - chirp sound when I shut off power supply. Adding a 27C512 should be doable. The board uses in-expensive and readily available 27c128 or 27c256 PROMs. As of today it's up to about ten commits, just need a few more to get the presses running. So, I stuck it on the back cut traces, the choice automatically defaults to Inter Basic. I'll look it up and see if I can share with all. Usually, you will have either integer or AppleSoft BASIC on the motherboard, so not much benefit in adding two more banks unless you have something specific in mind.


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